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At every WC Vapor location, the Wellness Center offers an abundance of Glassware, CBD, and Kratom products.  We source the highest quality alternative products.  Unfortunately, our payment processor will not allow us to sell these products online, but if you are able to visit our any of our stores located here, below are the products that we offer.  


  Dry Herb/Wax Products


Airistech - Herbva 5G Vaporizer
Airistech Airis Quaser 420mAh VV Wax Vaporizer Pen
Airistech Gethi G6 1800mAh Dry Herb Vaporizer
Airtight Glass Storage Containers With Clamp Lid
Bent Wood Pipe
Blink Disposable Butane Lighters (Assorted Colors)
Blink Quad Flame Torch Lighters (Assorted Colors)
Boveda Humidity Packs (62 RH)
Brass One Hitter
Brass Screens (10-Pack)
Captain America Silicone Storage Case 26mm 10mL
Carb Cap (Assorted)
Ceramic Spoon Hand Pipes
Clover 12" Glass Baseball Bat Perc Water Pipe
Dabber (Assorted)
Doob Tubes
Electric 4" 400mAh USB Grinder Pen
Elegant Nirvana Wood Pipe
Evak Compact Air Removal Storage System - 16 oz
Female Banger (10mm)
Female Banger (14mm)
Female Banger (18mm)
Female Drop Down (10mm)
Female Drop Down (14mm)
Female Drop Down (18mm)
Female Glass Bowl (10mm)
Female Glass Bowl (14mm)
Female Glass Bowl (18mm)
Formula 420 - Original Glass Cleaner 12oz
Generic Ash Catcher
Generic Dugout
Generic Grinder
Generic Nectar Collector
Generic Silicone Container
Glass Bubbler Hand Pipe (Assorted Colors)
Glass Chillum (Assorted)
Glass Converter Adapter (2 in 1 ) - 10F/14F - 10M/14M
Glass On Glass Plastic Clip (10mm)
Glass Spoon Hand Pipe (Assorted Colors)
Glass Taster
Glass Water Pipe (Assorted)
GRAV - 14mm Female Domeless Nail - Clear
GRAV Silicone Capped Glass Crutch
Grip Mat
Hand Pipe Storage Case
Happy Kit Deluxe
Honey Bee Silicone Pipe
JOB Gold Rolling Papers 1.5"
Juicy Jay's Pre-Rolled Cones 2pk
Kannastor GR8TR V2 Puck
Ki Pod Device
Ki Pod Replacement
Luxe Glass Clear Rolling Papers Cellulose 1.25"
Male Banger (10mm)
Male Banger (14mm)
Male Banger (18mm)
Male Drop Down (10mm)
Male Drop Down (14mm)
Male Drop Down (18mm)
Male Glass Bowl (10mm)
Male Glass Bowl (14mm)
Male Glass Bowl (18mm)
Matrix 14" Perc Honey Comb Decal Work Water Pipe
Metal Hand Pipes
Metal One Hitters
NEU Silicone Water Pipe (15")
NeverXhale Odor Proof Envelope Bag
NeverXhale Odor Proof Toiletry Bag With Loop Sealer
On Point Glass - 18" Spring Perc Multi Marble Water Pipe
On Point Glass - 62mm 4-Part Notch Grinder
Orion 510 Tank
Premium Portable 9 Inch Magnetic Pipe
Quartz Terp Ball
Randy's Black Label Cleaner
Randy's Black Label Pipe Cleaners
Randy's Black Label Snaps
Randy's Echo Dry Herb Vaporizer

RAW - ROOR Glass Cone Tips
RAW Aluminum Storage Tube
RAW Classic King Size Pre-Rolled Cones (32 Pack)
RAW Clipper Lighter
RAW Cone Loader
RAW Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine
RAW Hemp Wick European Edition 3 Meter (10ft)
RAW King Size Empty Tube
RAW Magnetic Storage Container
RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers
Raw Smell Proof Bag
RAW Unrefined Pre-Roll 1.25" Cone (6 Pack)
RAW Unrefined Pre-Rolled King Size Cone (3 Pack)
RAW Wide Perforated Tip
RAW Wood Box
Res Gel - Glass Pipe Cleaning Solution
Resolution Res Caps White
Rick and Morty 5mL Silicone Storage Container
Roast & Toast Cereal Bowl
Roast & Toast Mug
Rolling Tray
ROOR - 18" Straight Pipe Water Pipe - with 14M Bowl
ROOR - 24" Decal Beaker Water Pipe - with 18M Bowl
RYOT Large Acrylic Dugout w/ One Hitter (3")
RYOT Large Wooden One Hitter Assorted TUBED (3")
RYOT Long 9mm Slim Anodized Aluminum Taster
RYOT Short Acrylic Dugout w/ One Hitter (2")
RYOT Short Acrylic One Hitter Assorted TUBED (2")
RYOT Short Wooden One Hitter Assorted TUBED (2")
Sharpstone Style 52mm 4-Part Notch Grinder
Silicone & Glass Water Pipe (Assorted Colors)
Silicone 3.5" Avocado Hand Pipe
Silicone 3.5" Pineapple Keychain Hand Pipe (Assorted)
Silicone Coated 63mm 4-Part Grinder
Silicone Pickle Man Hand Pipe
Silicone Spoon
Silicone Water Pipe (Assorted Colors)
Skull 1" Silicone Storage
Smelly Proof Bag
SmokeBuddy Original Air Filter
Smokus Focus
Special Blue 5X Butane - 300ml
Special Blue Monster Torch Lighter
Storage Container
The Kind Pen EZ Pipe
Token Rolling Machine 78mm
Tsunami Apple Double Donut Showerhead Perc Water Pipe (26")
Tsunami Barrel Showerhead Drum Heart Honeycomb (20")
Tsunami Button Double Honeycomb Perc (16")
Tsunami Concentrate Rig Double Honeycomb Turbine 8"
Tsunami Diamond Base Electric Showerhead Sprinkler (18")
Tsunami Mushroom Jellyfish (18")
Tsunami Nectar Collector 18MM
Tsunami Shower Head Grenade Water Pipe (12")
Tsunami Shower Head Rod Perc Recycler Water Pipe (12")
Tsunami Showerhead Grenade Turbine (12")
Tsunami Spore Swiss Perc Recycler Water Pipe (12")
Tsunami Sprinkler Donut Water Pipe (18")
Tsunami Triple Honeycomb Heart Perc (17")
Tsunami Triple Honeycomb Turbine (18")
V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt 1.5g
Very Happy Kit
White Rhino - Ceramic Honeycomb Screen
White Rhino - Glass Screen
White Rhino Micron Herbal Vaporizer
Yocan Evolve 2 Kit
Yocan Evolve Plus Dual Quartz Coils 5 Pack
Yocan Evolve Plus Kit
Yocan Evolve Plus Kit Midnight Edition
Yocan Evolve Plus XL Kit
Yocan Evolve Plus XL Limited Edition Kit
Yocan Evolve Plus XL Quad Quartz Coils 5 Pack
Yocan Hive 2.0 Concentrate Cartridges
Yocan Hive v2.0 Kit
Yocan iShred
Yocan Uni Mod
Zig Zag - Rolling Papers 1.5"


  CBD Products


Blessed Herbs CBD Flower
   • Bazooka Bubble Gum
   • Hawaiian Haze
   • Hulk
   • Lifter
   • Sour Space Candy
   • Special Sauce
   • Suver Haze
   • Wife
Don Polly CBD Taffy 50mg
Eclipse CBD Flower
  • Blue Genius
  • Lifter
Eclipse CBD Gummies
Element Chocolate CBD Caramels
Foundry - Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 8ct 200mg
Funky Farms - CBD Drink Packet (25mg)
Hemp Trailz - Cat Daily CBD Treats 300mg
Hemp Trailz - CBD Kief Rollz
Hemp Trailz - CBD Lip Balm (20mg)
Hemp Trailz - CBD Lollipop (300ng)
Kokoro CBD Gummies
Nomenon CBD - 350mg - 60mL
  • Stranomenon
  • Lemonomenon
  • Noms X2 Cactus
Nomenon CBD - 500mg - 30mL
  • Stranomenon
  • Lemonomenon
  • Noms X2 Cactus
Pacha CBD Tinctures - 30mL
  • Black Pepper Turmeric (DETOX)
  • Goji Cacao (FOCUS) - 30mL
  • Green Tea Echinacea (RECOVER) - 30mL
  • Kava Kava Valerian (RELAX) - 30mL
  • The Natural - 30mL
  • Ylang Ylang Holy Basil (CREATE) - 30mL
Pacha CBD Topical - Athletic Rub - 2oz
Pacha CBD Topical - Body Lotion - 50mL
Pacha CBD Topical - Icy Muscle Gel - 60mL
Pacha CBD Topical - Pain Cream - 100mL

Pacha CBD Vape - 30mL
  • Grape Berry
  • Minty Mango Vape
  • Strawberry Watermelon
Pinnacle - Rift Delta-8 Cartridge
Pinnacle - Rift Delta-8 Gummies
Pinnacle CBD - Beard Oil 120mg - 30mL
Pinnacle CBD - Body Lotion 200mg
Pinnacle CBD - Capsules
Pinnacle CBD - Cartridge 500mg
Pinnacle CBD - Disposable Pen 150mg
Pinnacle CBD Flower
  • Special Sauce
Pinnacle CBD Sugar Scrub (200mg)
Pinnacle CBD Tinctures
Pinnacle CBD Toothpicks
Pinnacle CBD Crumble 1g (400mg)
Pinnacle David G CBD Tinctures 60mL (300mg)
Pinnacle CBD Dog Treats
Pinnacle Full Spectrum CBD Gummies
Pinnacle Full Spectrum CBD Ground Coffee (160mg)
Pinnacle Hallowed Bean CBD 60mL (300mg)
Pinnacle CBD Honey Sticks (10mg)
Pinnacle Pre Rolls - Terpene Enhanced CBD Flower (5pk)
Pinnacle Relief CBD Cream
Pinnacle Terpene Enhanced CBD Flower
Primal CBD Tincture - 500mg - 30mL
  • Berry Blossom
  • Bleu Genius
  • Elektra
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Kush Hemp E1
  • Legendary OG
  • Lifter
  • Midwest Monster
  • Siskiyou Gold
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Suver Haze
  • White


  Kratom Products (Mitragyna Speciosa)


Grassroots Harvest Kratom
Single Strains (Powder and Capsules)
Green Strains
  • Green Horn
  • Green Maeng Da
Red Strains
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Indo
  • Red Bentuangie
White Strains
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Malaysian
  • White Sumatra
Yellow Strains
  • Super Yellow

Grassroots Harvest Kratom
Proprietary Blends (Powder & Capsules)
  • Boost
  • Joy
  • Relax

MIT45 Kratom Concentrate
  • MIT45 Gold 15mL Liquid
  • MIT45 Gold Capsules
  • MIT45 Silver 2X 60ml Liquid
  • MIT45 Silver 2X Capsule 10 Ct
  • MIT45 Silver 60mL Liquid
  • MIT45 Silver Capsule 10 Ct

There are no products listed under this category.